A group of Turkish students from Izmir wanted to enhance biodiversity in the nearby quarry. To realize this mission, they showed great effort and exemplary team spirit. The students used innovative methods such as vertical planting to enrich the quarry with local medicinal plants.

The jury was particularly impressed by how students of different age came together to develop potential solutions to some of the challenges HeidelbergCement faces during the reclamation process – especially the vertical areas and surfaces present difficulties.

The team also was able to engage their fellow students by testing some of the revegetating methods in the school garden. This led to increased knowledge about biodiversity amongst peers.

Considering these outcomes and the team spirit with which they were achieved, the International Jury chose the group of students from Izmir Cakabey School as the award winner in the category “Student Class Project” in the Community Stream.  

Watch the winners’ video to see how they describe their project and QLA experience.