Mon, 05/02/2018 - 13:39

Since the good news came through in December that we had been chosen to compete in the Quarry Life Award for 2018 we have been busy building our partnerships, recruiting our volunteers, publicising the project and refining our timescales.

Pennycroft, a former agricultural area of 73 acres next to High Batts Nature Reserve now being turned into an extension to Ripon Quarry, is the centre of our activities.

We aim to involve local people so that they can benefit from the learning and participation opportunities that this development brings, through events, volunteering and being part of our species monitoring teams. We want to develop real interest and knowledge about how quarry sites can work for nature and make major contributions to enhancing habitats and biodiversity. To that end we are using our existing expertise to plan photographic and species surveying programmes, and are working with Hanson quarries to create survey routes, to help with woodland planting, and site monitoring. We are organising walks and talks, and training opportunities for volunteers.

We have been visiting local organisations and councils to let them know of the project, and our first public event is on 10th February when we will have a Drop-in session in the local village hall. Posters are out and there has been a leaflet drop to all local houses, plus circulation via the Web to all our environmental partner organisations. We will report back in our next post.