Tue, 10/04/2018 - 22:22

Traditional bat houses, while remaining fairly minimalistic, sufficiently provide roosting bats with shelter and protection from predators. The single chamber box provides bats with the ability to roost within a single chamber, encouraging close proximity roosting, but it lacks in providing optimal conditions under climatic extremes. The multi chamber box rectifies the problems associated to the single chamber as it has increased internal chambers allowing for higher occupancy, thus providing a greater ability to support optimal roosting conditions and behavioral thermoregulation. Lastly, the rocket box improves upon the benefits of the multi chamber by providing increased vertical graidents for internal movement. The intricacies of the rocket box design provides nursing bats a wider range of roosting conditions for their pups.

As each of the traditional designs improve upon one another in regard to roosting occupancy, temperature and surface area, we are aiming to further improve upon the many benefits of the traditional designs in our own prototype. We are aiming to accomplish this through the addition of the PCM supplied by INSOLCORP. This will attenuate the issues of temperature fluctuations observed in traditional bat box designs. Stabilizing internal roosting temperature is the first step towards building a better bat box(house)! Stay tuned to hear more about how our Version 3.0 PCM prototype stands up against the traditional designs.