Mon, 14/05/2018 - 18:05

We are continuing to publicise our project with a presentation to the Harrogate and District Naturalists Society. We also attended a meeting of the Conservation Advisory Group for the site representatives of Hansons, landowners and statutory bodies, and it gave us a good opportunity to talk to others about the project and get their feedback.
After having to postpone the Bird Ringing demonstration at the end of March, we finally managed to run the event, although the weather was again a disappointment. However the ringers were pleased with the result of their activities, and their audience enjoyed seeing the process and learning about how the birds are assessed and recorded.
We erected a notice to mark the commemorative tree planted by pupils from the local school, who were able to see this when they came on site for the second After School Club meeting. We used the session to concentrate on bird and wildflower identification.
We also hosted a visit by children from Sharow School with whom we have not worked before. The children had a tour of the Reserve and looked at the quarrying site, and some were particularly impressed by the size of the quarry machinery.
Meanwhile, the weather has been wonderful and has allowed the species monitoring teams to get out there recording. More of this on our next post.