Tue, 19/06/2018 - 18:06

We were delighted to welcome the Quarry Life Award UK judges last week. The weather was perfect, and we really enjoyed talking to them about our project and showing the activities on site. They were all very helpful and friendly, and it wasn’t a frightening experience at all!

The same week we had a super time at the After School Club with the much awaited small mammal trapping. We had put out traps overnight and had caught lots – but they were all bank voles, which we had carefully looked after until the children arrived. Our last trapping resulted in no bank voles and we were worried that it was a bad year which would have had a knock on effect on the owls and raptors but our worries seem unfounded. Though a disappointment in terms of variety, the voles were delightful creatures which the children loved learning about and getting friendly with – after overcoming their initial apprehension. They learned how to empty the traps, handle the animals and how to release them back into the wild. And they found some owl pellets which we will be dissecting at one of our sessions.

And finally, the mobile hide is nearing completion. Our Thursday volunteer team has constructed it from recycled materials such as a caravan chassis and tin building and it’s almost ready for its first test down the track onto the quarry site. How lucky we are to have such ingenious and hardworking people on our team.