Wed, 01/08/2018 - 11:03

We have had two After School Club sessions on site in July before the school broke up for the summer holidays. Our first session was owl pellet dissection which proved very interesting and popular. Any initial reluctance was soon overcome and it became quite competitive to see who could find and identify the bones. Our last session was a tour of the Reserve, using our new knowledge to identify the flora and fauna and get to parts of the site we had not previously visited. The children were all given thank you certificates to show how much we appreciate having had their involvement and interest.

It’s been wonderful working with them, and though some will be going on to new schools after the break, we are looking forward to continuing our activities with many of them. We never got round to some of the things we intended to do with the children like bird box making, because it has been such a fantastic summer that we all wanted to be out enjoying and learning about the plants, birds and insects. But we are planning some sessions for the autumn term when we will be tackling the things we didn’t do and some additional stuff like bug houses, and nut gathering and planting.

Our other activities are ongoing with plenty to keep our species monitors occupied. And our last major event is coming up too but more of that later.