Sun, 02/09/2018 - 09:50

Our last event of the project on 1st September was a guided walk on the 2.5 km survey route around the perimeter of the quarrying site. 24 people came and had a chance to see how the work on the quarry excavation is progressing, learned about the landscape and wildlife, and about the project and the final restoration. The weather was lovely, everyone had a good time and the afternoon tea at the end was very welcome. And we spotted our 23rd species of butterfly recorded on Pennycroft – a small comma, plus a Red Kite.
Most of our summer survey work has now ended but other tasks are continuing. We have recently moved an old beetle bank from one end of the site to the new standoff woodland area, as the rare Thistle Broomrape has been known to appear near the river and favours areas of disturbed soil. We are also planning to move some gravel from an area with mosses and liverworts within the Reserve to a similar area on Pennycroft, so that we can monitor natural versus assisted regeneration. And our volunteers began erecting the specialised bird boxes for Stock Dove, Kestrel and Tawny Owl which our colleagues from Open Country made on their recent visit. Our mobile hide is completed and now on site.
In late August we hosted a visit by some of the QLA judges who could not attend the first time round and then began the task of drawing all our data together, assessing our activities and achievements over the past 10 months, and began to prepare our final report.