In mid-June 2018, two pupils' teams from the villages of Kalinivka and the Viyskove arrived to the old, non-functional Kamyanozubilivs’ky quarry to study the species composition of the flora and the growth conditions. But in addition to the planned visit to the quarry (which is now included in the protected areas of the regional landscape park "Dniprovi Porogi"), it was possible to inspect also the natural ravine Korobukha (Skorobutka). It was established that in the old quarry spontaneously formed a diverse flora of shrubs and trees, between which there are many types of herbaceous plants – both weeds and steppe, meadow and even marsh species. But here in the rocky steppe of the ravine retained virgin grass communities with Salvia nutans, Astragalus ponticus, and many other species. However, the most valuable was the experience of communicating with wildlife and the opportunity to admire unique landscapes of the protected area.