This project will assess the biodiversity value of translocated soils in Forest Wood quarry, Pontyclun, South Wales. We will focus on three biodiversity elements: micro-organisms, plants and butterflies. In 2012, patches of ancient woodland were cleared in the quarry and these soils translocated to three other areas within the quarry. There also remains patches of standing ancient woodland. We will collect soil samples from undisturbed ancient woodland soils and disturbed, translocated woodland soils in the quarry and conduct lab-based analysis of the micro-organism communities of these soils. Using standardised field methods, we will survey the botanical, specifically woodland ground flora, and butterfly communities (as biodiversity indicators) of the two soil areas in the quarry. We will then compare and contrast these three biotic elements in/on undisturbed and disturbed soils to ascertain the biodiversity value of translocated soils and whether they can act as suitable substrates for natural habitat regeneration, adding biodiversity value to the quarry landscape. Findings of this project are transferable to other quarries within HeidelbergCement's portfolio.