The Pennycroft quarry extension to the existing Ripon Quarry is due to be opened in late 2017. The project involves a programme of activities centred on the new quarry, designed to:-


  • engage the community and local natural history organisations in monitoring and recording changes in biodiversity which will provide data to feed into restoration plans, and provide a historical record; 
  • create a longer term involvement by members of the community in the site, so as to build local “ownership” and to create facilities that will enhance the restored site; 
  • strengthen links with local environmental bodies and create integrated new habitats; 
  • provide the quarrying company with a model for the engagement of communities as part of future quarry development. 


Publicity and events will engage the local community both on and off site; there will be learning activities for children in after-school sessions and on-site; access will be provided to trained monitoring teams to view the working site and to record changes to flora and fauna; a mobile viewing hide will be created to facilitate monitoring; there will be a constant feedback of information to the community, to the company and to the Habitat Management Committee, facilitated by a blog and on-site interpretation.