Quarry is situated nearby Loděnice village around 10 kilometres northeast from Beroun and 25 kilometres from Radotin, where is cement plant.

History of limestone mining in the neighbourhood of Loděnice village is very long and date back to 1520. Limestone from quarry is used as a raw material for Portland clinker production and following cement production in the Radotin cement plant and as aggregates too. Geologically, limestone is mostly of Devonian age.

Mining area is 44 hectares large, whereas current area of quarry is 15 hectares large.quarry is situated outside of protected area of Bohemian Carst.

Habitat, flora & fauna description: 

215 species of plants were discovered in quarry area, including 16 protected species of plants. Mostly of them are linked with limestone subsoil.

48 species of vertebrates – one amphibian, 2 reptiles, 39 species of birds and 6 species of mammals – were discovered inside the quarry and its neighbourhood, including four endangered species - Lacerta agilis, Bufo viridis, Anguis fragilis and Apus apus

Ongoing nature projects:

There are not any active projects focused on nature protection today.