1.7 Million tons/year of clay have been extracted from the Bozalan clay quarry. The mining area has 99,27 Ha. and the mining land is forest area. There is a bench stability studies decreasing from 80 into 45 around the extraction completed top bench. And then plant feeding will be applied on this area.

There is a road 70m. apart from the quarry. The nearest place which is Bozalan village, 1km. far from the quarry site. There is a naturally occurred-(by rainfalls during winter and spring time) small pond in the middle of the lowest bench of the quarry. The water in the pond is periodically pumped out in summer time.

Habitat, flora & fauna description: 

Mediterranean climate conditions are occurring so maquis are the main flora, around the region. Plus, Oak & Pine trees are existing and olive trees are densely vegetated for agricultural purposes. Birds, mammals, spineless, reptiles are the main types of animal species around the region.