Ure Valley is a sand and gravel quarry at North Stainley near Ripon in North Yorkshire. The quarry is located on the floodplain of the River Ure. Along with the river and adjacent grasslands and woodlands, the quarry covers 90.5hectares. The plan is to return the fringe sections of the site to productive agriculture and restore and manage the core area to create high value biodiversity habitats including open water; reed-bed and wet woodland.

Habitat, flora & fauna description: 

The River Ure runs through the site creating a wide range of wetland and margin habitats. When fully worked and restored, the quarry has the potential to hold national BAP priority habitats and species, most notably reed-beds, with a complex of other lowland habitats. The wetland habitats have the potential to be of SSSI quality and a popular location for quiet recreation including watching wildlife and angling. Species present include Otter, Water Vole,: Bittern, Reed bunting, Freshwater white-clawed crayfish and Thistle broomrape. Other notable species include Little ringed plover, Lesser spotted woodpecker*, Marsh tit*, Willow tit*, River lamprey and Yellow star-of-Bethlehem.  *Red listed species.

Ognoing nature project:

  • Extensive biological recording is conducted by a local group
  • Monitoring of river species, notably river lamprey.